OvidiuRo 5th Year Report

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How Romania is changing the Educational Landscape: “My older girl was also in the program, and now she’s in 2nd grade. You might not believe this, but she only gets 10’s. She told me that when she grows up she’ll go to high school in Brașov. I already picture her holding the diploma.“ Ioana Oțelaș, Budila parent

Kindergarten Teacher for a Day

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Thirty public figures and sixty Raiffeisen employees spend a school-day in a rural classroom interacting with the children, reading stories, dancing, painting, and playing. Meanwhile the volunteers are also learning about the reality of growing up poor in rural Romania.

2014-2015 Results

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“I don’t know how to read or write, but all three of my kids have been to grădiniță. One day my youngest came home and wrote his name on the wall. I was speechless.“ FCG Parent, Ocolna, Amărăștii de Jos