President’s message

I came to the US from my native Romania at the age of 15, but I always knew I could never really leave Romania. I remained connected by visiting every year and staying informed about the country’s development. It was thrilling to see what people could do with their new intellectual and economic freedom after Communism, but also heartbreaking to see so many left behind in poverty and hopelessness.

I sit on the board of several Romanian charities, and I believe that using our rich Romanian culture to highlight sensitive needs goes hand in hand. I kept an eye on the best charities in Romania that made a difference. Leslie Hawke’s name kept coming up in my searches of legitimate and successful charities. In 2010 we connected and started working together to raise funds from the Romanian-American community for the work she and Maria Gheorghiu had been doing with their NGO – Asociatia OvidiuRo. I joined the board of The Alex Fund in 2011 and have been actively engaged in creating fundraising events ever since.

It has been inspiring to see how OvidiuRo keeps adapting, responding to needs, and building on successes. A very small group of dedicated women are literally transforming early education in Romania. I feel grateful that I can play a part by leading The Alex Fund and finding new ways to support their work. Please join me!

Raluca Gold-Fuchs
Warwick, NY