February 23: Fiecare copil merită o poveste! Caravan begins Over 20,000 picture books will be distributed in disadvantaged communities.

hai la gradinitaThe caravan has began in February, in Satu Mare county, and aims to increase children’s exposure to new vocabulary and the world of books in kindergartens and, also, to train preschool teaches for Sotron Doi and Ateliere de Vara educational modules.

The project will be implemented with the support of ‘host kindergartens’ in poor areas and targets children, parents and teachers, as well – who are invited to attend reading sessions organised in kindergartens. At the end of each day, teachers will participate in literacy workshops, while, at the end the week, OvidiuRo will organise county meetings – training sessions for Sotron Doi educational module, targeting preschool teaches working with the most disadvantaged children in Romania.

‘In 2018, we will continue to reach the kindergartens in the poorest rural areas, where we need to build infrastructure for literacy and quality early education. We have already prepared thousands of educational kits, and picture books, that will be distributed in kindergartens, and also will be taken home by children. As an Agency for Early Education, we will continue to train preschool teachers in child-centered and literacy development methods.’, said Maria Gheorghiu, OvidiuRo Co-founder.

The caravan will end in June (covering the 2nd semester of 2017 – 2018 school year) and will reach the counties with the largest number of disadvantaged communities, at national level.

Fiecare copil merită o poveste continues Pofta de Carte Caravan – implemented by OvidiuRo with the support of Carrefour Foundation, during 2016 – 2017 school year, in rural kindergartens – and also the regional conferences and training sessions attended last year by over 1,000 preschool teachers.

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