KeepCalling is launching an online social campaign

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On the 1st of December, Romania's National Day, KeepCalling is launching an online social campaign. From December 1-31, 2020, customers who use KeepCalling services ( will have the opportunity to donate ​$2, ​$5, ​$10 or ​$20 for supporting early education ​in Romania, provided by Asociația OvidiuRo, with AlexFund's support. In addition, KeepCalling will donate ​$1 for each processed order placed between December ​1 and 31.

OvidiuRo’s Role

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OvidiuRo’s main mission is to mobilize public and private resources to ensure that quality early education is available to Romania’s poorest children. OvidiuRo now focuses on providing high quality education materials, training teachers, and creating “Hubs for Literacy & Quality Early Education” in disadvantaged areas.

Leslie Hawke Interview

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Leslie Hawke arrived in Romania in 2000, as a Peace Corps volunteer and spent the first four years in Bacău, a city in eastern Romania's Moldavia region. (...)