July: Șotron Summer Programs have started all over Romania

The first teacher, the alphabet, the backpack, the emotion of finding who is going to be your deskmate… These are memories that any child should have from the first day of school. For children from disadvantaged communities, the first day of school still means the sadness that they do not know how to count, to hold a pencil in their hand or to distinguish colors. Or, for the older ones, it means the frustration of drawing some letters and not understanding what they are reading, even if they are in the third grade already.

In order to support these vulnerable children and because education is a right that should not be restricted by anything, Asociația OvidiuRo has launched the Șotron Summer Programs, 2020 edition.

Thousands of children will benefit from the program, because this year, the Summer Programs will last… until the end of summer. In July and August 2020, the children will socialize, play, jump, laugh a lot, have a lot of interesting surprises and experiences, and, above all, they will learn. Together with volunteer teachers, we invest the children with confidence and responsibilities, we value their potential, we remind them that they are “a resource”, not a “problem” and we prepare them as good as possible for September when the school bell rings.

And as we face a special situation this year, we respect all the rules of prevention and hygiene. Each workshop will be organized with a maximum of five children at a time, the teachers will make sure social distancing will be strict, they will teach the children how to wash their hands using soap and water and how to use hand sanitizing gel.

OvidiuRo offered the participating teachers training courses, as well as books and other materials necessary for carrying out the activities.

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