June: Regional trainings for 2019 Sotron Summer Programs begin!

This year Sotron Summer Programs start in June, with 4 days of regional trainings in Focsani and Sibiu. Hundreds of preschool teachers are expected to join the trainings – teachers who volunteered to organize a Sotron Program this summer, in a disadvantaged rural or urban community – for at least 10 children age 3 – 6.

The regional trainings are followed, in June, by tens of county sessions held by OvidiuRo trainers and Master Teachers, and, at the beginning of July, by 2-weeks Summers Programs held by the Master Teachers in poor communities (demo for the teachers who will coordinate a Summer program this summer).

For each summer program, OvidiuRo will provide a consistent educational kit – including lots of picture books and a science kit.

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