Summary of Alex fund results

2013 Report to Our Supporters

If you have supported the Alex Fund in the past, you are partly responsible for these amazing results:

  • 80% of the 1300 children in OvidiuRo’s early education programs in 40 rural Romanian kindergartens attend regularly – and are vastly better prepared to start primary school when they turn 6!
  • 73% of the program graduates (age 6 and above) regularly attend primary school
  • 200 local community team members are working on a common goal: getting the poorest children in preschool – and succeeding!
  • Over 1000 parents, with little education themselves, are developing the habit of bringing their children to preschool every day. As you probably know, the skill gap between advantaged and disadvantaged children begins well before they enter first grade.  Most impoverished parents don’t realize the importance of early education.  They just see the extra costs: shoes, clean clothes, contributions to the “Parent Fund”, and the trouble of getting small children up, dressed, and walked to school by 8 am on cold winter days. That’s why we offer $15 in food coupons per month to parents in extreme poverty if they bring their children to preschool every day.

While the media has only recently discovered the shocking poverty of Europe’s largest minority group, the Roma, we have been working on the issue since 2001. Our efforts to change the behavior of destitute, uneducated parents and improve the educational outcomes for their children have led to dramatic results. Read more HERE.

Your donation to The Alex Fund will help keep these children in school and help us make EARLY EDUCATION FOR ALL a reality.
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