Libertatea, July 4th 2010

English summary:

Marcel Pavel will play in August at a charity ball for Romanian children organized in the U.S. at the initiative of Leslie Hawke, mother of the American actor Ethan Hawk.

The event will take place on August 14 in the garden of a historic place, Montgomery Castle, located in the Hudson Valley, near New York.

250-300 people were invited to the Charity Ball. Among them, Leslie Hawke, the initiator of the “School makes you Big” charity for children in Romania, invited Romanian art collectors and Hollywood celebrities. The scope is to inform them about the situation of many children in Romania.

Leslie Hawke hopes that the funds thus raised at the Ball overseas will help many children in our country. “I am extremely honored to sing at this Charity Ball that will take place in a historical location. I know many artistic personalities from both the US and Romania will participate, who support this cause. I commend Leslie Hawke for all her work to the benefit of Romanian children”, says the artist.

see the Romanian article here.

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