B.Quality Education Facilitator

Teacher Training

It is a well-known fact that cognitive stimulation in the first five years of life is closely linked to school and professional success. That’s why it’s so important for our poorest children to also have access to quality early education! And of course quality programs require highly qualified, committed teachers with good teaching tools”. Maria Gheorghiu, Asociatia OvidiuRo Cofounder

In June OvidiuRo conducted a series of one-day trainings to address the challenges of teaching young children in areas with high poverty rates. Teaming up with Asociația Learning by Teaching and Citim Împreună România, OvidiuRo met with over 600 teachers and education specialists attending the regional training sessions in Bistrita, Craiova, Focsani, Dambovita, Harghita, Hunedoara, Iasi, and Sibiu.

OvidiuRo was assisted by Betsy Grob, coauthor of: Learner-Centered Classrooms for the 21st Century, Brandi Bates, developer of the “Reading Together Romania” campaign, and Andreea Petco, a Bucharest-based specialist in non-formal educational methods. The focus was on child centered teaching methods, promoting literacy through early Reading-Aloud activities, and teaching science through thematic activities – in order to equip teachers working with children from disadvantaged environments with a set of key-knowledge tools, best teaching practices, and a generous supply of educational resources to enrich their classrooms in the fall. Romstal provided transportation and Carrefour covered other workshop expenses and teaching kits. More info here.