OvR Campaigns 2009-2017




The 2016 National TV & radio campaign encouraged poor parents to send their children to kindergarten every day and notified them of the FCG national program.

Despite the abject living conditions in poor Roma settlements, most households have a satellite dish and access to multiple channels. OvidiuRo’s previous five campaigns which aired on approximately 50 TV and radio stations since 2009 effectively reached all segments of society – and brought OvidiuRo’s mission to public attention.


Bringing to the public’s attention the importance of providing better educational opportunities for Romania’s poorest children is an integral part of OvidiuRo’s long-term strategy for increasing these children’s educational attainment rates.

The first campaign year (2009) featured “Școala te face mare” 1 was launched to make citizens aware of their rights and responsibilities regarding education. The public service announcements featured public figures Damian Draghici, Andreea Marin, Daniel Bittman, Cabral Ibacka and OvR program graduate and trustee Narcisa Cumpana.

2010 Campaign: “Școala te face mare” 2 campaign was launched to encourage poor parents to send their children to school from an early age. Award winning film director Cristian Mungiu directed the four spots that featured Horia Brenciu, Andreea Esca, Margareta Paslaru, and Ethan Hawke.

With the slogan “Fiecare copil e responsabilitatea fiecăruia dintre noi” the 2012 campaign emphasized children’s need for early education. It was followed by an SMS campaign via TV and radio spots presented by renowned actor Marcel Iures and popular singer CRBL

English journalist Tom Wilson volunteered his time, talent and equipment to shoot and produce this five-minute video in 2014 about the need for Fiecare Copil in Gradinita in one community and the impact of the program in another one — just four kilometers away!

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OvidiuRo’s 2015 public awareness campaign was a major collaborative effort involving a wide range of talented individuals, sponsoring companies & media outlets.