Summer Programs

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Summer Programs in Disadvantaged Communities

The “Sotron”(Hopscotch) Summer Program is a two-week educational module designed and supported by OvidiuRo. Each community session is organized by kindergarten teachers who have volunteered to run daily sessions in their kindergarten and have participated in one of OvidiuRo’s Sotron Summer Program regional trainings (see below).
✓ Offers less advantaged children rich summer learning experiences;
✓ Provides teachers with opportunity to practice the activities that had been introduced in the training conference;
✓ Provides children with quality education materials;
✓ Introduces poor parents to the education system in a low-stress setting (when schools are otherwise unoccupied).

In 2018, around 3600 children in poor communities in 32 counties benefited from Sotron Summer Programs. In total, 630 preschool teachers volunteered to lead this two-weeks module, in 250 rural villages.

For each community project, OvidiuRo provided:

  • Kit for each child that contained picture books, earth magnets, Sotron workbook, a ruler, and stickers;
  • Teacher’s kit that contained Big Books, small illustrated, educational cards sets, exercise-book, and geometric building sets);
  • Kit of experiment elements: seeds, seashells, toothpicks, magnifying glass, clay, etc);
  • Money for a daily nutritious snack.

Today [a Saturday] at 8:15 am, one of the mothers called me: “Doamna, will you be in the kindergarten today? My boys [two brothers who had participated in the program] asked me to take them to kindergarten.” Words are simply unnecessary. THANK YOU!”. Teacher in Sarata, Bistrita-Nasaud

Today we ‘graduated’ from Ateliere de Vara. Children presented the ‘Activities Museum’ to their parents, while the grownups promised they will read aloud to their children every day.”Teacher in Vrancea county

Teacher Training Caravans

Each year, OvidiuRo’s Summer Programs are preceded by regional training sessions organized by OvidiuRo to support preschool teachers facing the challenges of teaching in marginalized areas of Romania. The goal is to equip these teachers with a set of best teaching practices, and a generous supply of educational resources to enrich their classrooms in the fall.

Each one-day interactive workshop is led by a dynamic team of veteran educators. The training sessions focus on child centered teaching methods, promote literacy through early Reading-Aloud activities and provide thematic science activities.

Between June and July, 2018, 630 teachers from 32 counties attended regional trainings for the Sotron summer educational module, conducted by OvR and Master Teachers, part of the National Early Literacy Network.

Before the training, I never thought about using an apple to help children understand more about shapes and footprints. By using fruit and modelling clay, we had a great hour long activity. Teacher Valeas Stanciului, Dolj County

ENG training session map

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