Hopscotch Two

summer school

Program for two year olds & their mothers
Preparing Two Year Olds for Preschool

Sotron Doi is a 10-week educational module giving mothers and young children a taste of gradinita, so they will be ready and eager for full-time kindergarten the following fall. Șotron Doi addresses children aged two and includes older children who, for various reasons, have not yet been registered in preschool.

This educational module has proven to be very successful in preparing reluctant parents and fearful young children for the structured learning environment of gradinita. It also serves as a relaxed means for parents and teachers to get to know and trust each other.
Sotron Doi begins with a training workshop for teachers who have volunteered to run 10 2-hour sessions (at no additional pay). The participating teachers receive classroom educational kits consisting of age-appropriate books and student school supplies, and money for the daily healthy snack provided for each session.

In 2017, 600 children and parents participated in Sotron Doi. In 2018, over 1000 children and their parents were involved in the activities.