A Story for Every Child

A Story for Every Child is a pilot program that aims to improve children’s vocabulary by enhancing the kindergarten and home literacy environment in rural communities. The program will reach every county, by the end of 2019.

Starting September 2018, each county will benefit from a set of interventions targeting the poorest areas: trainings for preschool teachers, providing My First Book to take home for children who have literally no books at home, equipping teachers with quality educational materials and rural kindergartens with ready-made Reading Corners, and also develop the National Early Literacy Network, a community of motivated preschool teachers.

By the end of 2018, the program will have reached 12 counties and Bucharest, with around 25,000 children receiving their First Book to take home.

2019 Objectives:
1. Train 1000 Master Teachers to model good teaching techniques and conduct training sessions for their peers.
2. Train another 20,000 teachers, with the support of the Master Teachers, in how to develop children’s oral communication skills utilizing picture books and conversation.
3. Equip all these teachers with quality learning tools so they can transfer their training to daily educational activities in their classrooms.
4. Provide “My First Book” to 180,000 children who have literally no books at home, and expose children, parents and teachers to messages about the importance of reading aloud every day.
5. Provide 400 teachers with ready-made Reading Corners consisting of:
– A child-friendly bookcase in a comfortable area for gathering around the teacher at reading time;
– A selection of the best age-appropriate and curriculum-related books;
– A copy of a book selected from the classroom library for each child to take home.
6. Develop the “National Early Literacy Network” into a robust community of motivated preschool teachers, most of whom work with disadvantaged children and who share best practices, pictures, ideas, and experiences online and in small groups, and annually convene county and regional “Kinder-Teacher Galas” to encourage a sense of pride, professionalism and community among Romania’s most under-appreciated educators: preschool teachers.