September: 6000 preschoolers and 1200 volunteering teachers participated in the 2019 Sotron Summer Programs!

This summer, 1200 volunteering teachers organized 480 Sotron Summer Programs, in 37 counties in Romania. In total, 6000 preschoolers participated in OvidiuRo’s 2-week educational module that offers less advantaged children rich summer learning experiences, and 18.000 picture books were distributed – for children to use in class and to take home. This year edition – which registered the best results ever – was supported by Grupul Fildas-Catena, Raiffeisen Bank, and GlaxoSmithKline România.

The Sotron Summer Programs – designed and supported by OvidiuRo every summer, since 2001 – aim to create learning communities for children and teachers, that encourage collaboration, autonomy, and open children’s perspectives on learning, especially for those who do not have other learning experiences during the summer holiday.

This year, the Sotron Summer Programs have added a science component based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths), with the support of Raiffeisen Bank Romania – continuing the successful 2018 Povesti sub Lupa project. From magnifying glasses, maps, magnets, germination kits, or geometric sets to non-fiction books, both children and teachers were engaged in a large range of science-related activities and experiments, for two weeks.

Please learn more about OvidiuRo’s Summer Programs, HERE.

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