Over 16,000 Children Got Their Own Picture Book to Take Home (January – March)

Between January – March, 2019, A Story for Every Child pilot program brought 16,400 picture books in the hands of preschoolers living in rural areas, in 12 counties (HR, GR, OT, VS, IL, VN, BH, AR, AB, TR, MS, CL).
Also, 500 Master Teachers in these counties were trained by OvidiuRo, in order to conduct themselves literacy-based training sessions for their peers (in total, 7700 are currently being trained by the 500 Master Teachers). Over 100 KinderLibraries were distributed in rural kindergartens, as part of the program, as well.

A Story for Every Child pilot program continues! So that, by the end of 2018 – 2019 school year, every county in Romania would benefit from this set of interventions (teacher trainings, My First Book and the KinderLibary) that aim to raise the quality of early education and bring the focus on literacy, especially in rural areas.

The program is carried out in partnership with County School Inspectorates and the Ministry of Education, and all participating teachers are volunteering.

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