January 9: “A Story for Every Child” continues

The pilot program that improves the children’s vocabulary – A Story for Every Child – continues. By the end of 2019, OvidiuRo will equip and train teachers in all Romanian counties.

The program was launched last autumn, and between September and December, 12 counties benefited from a mix of interventions consisting of teacher training at the county level, ready-made age-appropriate Reading Corners for the most disadvantaged kindergarten, and books for children in poor rural and urban areas.

At national level, by the end of this year, OvidiuRo will
(1) distribute 400 Reading Corners in disadvantaged kindergartens,
(2) train 35,000 teachers in ways to develop children’s oral communication skills using illustrated books,
(3) distribute 260,000 illustrated books for rural children through “My First Book” project.

The program is carried out in partnership with County School Inspectorates, and all participating teachers are volunteering.

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