September 21: Ethan Hawke, Reader for a Day in Iazu, Dâmbovița

Ethan Hawke, Guest Reader in Iazu, Dambovita

Our world is really as good as we make it and one of the things that’s still difficult about being an adult in our world is that if you don’t take time to care about the young people, we leave the world a much worse place. I’m realizing all of a sudden how many older people, as I was growing up, took time out of their life to make sure school functions right, to make sure the sports team had a uniform and fresh balls and that children has access to books. You don’t realize how those things impact your life and that if people wouldn’t do it for you, you wouldn’t have the life you have”.

Ethan Hawke, actor, screenwriter, author.

As the school-year was starting, Ethan Hawke joined the OvidiuRo team in Iazu as Reader for a day for the preschoolers in a FCG pilot marginalized community. 

PRO TV and La Măruță joined the reading session and help us spread the word about the newest OvidiuRo campaign: Pay It Forward.

Anyone can easily support the quality early education of the poorest children through an SMS donation.

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