October 16: OvidiuRo training sessions for 130 more beneficiary teachers from Maramureș region

OvidiuRo training sessions for literacy and quality early education continue for 130 more beneficiary teachers from Maramureș region.

During these training sessions we promote an educational philosophy that focuses on children’s needs and natural curiosity and teaching methods that rely on interactivity, critical thinking and continuous exploration. This year we support teachers who work with children from marginalized communities with educational resources and best practices for Reading-Aloud, developing literacy and introducing science in preschool classes”. Maria Gheorghiu, cofounder OvidiuRo.

Baia Mare, October 9-10

Baia Mare, October 9-10

  • What does a child-centered teaching environment look like?
  • What are the right books to inspire a love for reading in preschoolers?
  • What does it take to Read-Aloud with 3 to 6 year-olds?
  • How many words does a poor child need to hear to overcome the educational gap poverty condemns him to?
  • How can one introduce science notions to preschool children? 

Model book corner non fiction

Over 130 preschool teachers and education specialists played their part in finding the answers during the first regional training session – of a series of 10 – organized by OvidiuRo in Maramureș last week.

The Network of Teachers for Quality Early Education from Maramureș county and neighboring areas reunited to shareCarte caiet Sotron 2 by Profibest practices from the Șotron Summer Programs they had organized the past summer and to further model teaching methods focusing on reading, literacy and  science to the benefit of hundreds of disadvantaged children in the region.

The following regional training sessions will take place in

  • Sibiu (October 30th)
  • Ploiești (October 31)
  • Focșani (November 1st)

For more info and registration, please contact us at sotron@ovid.ro or 021 315 88 06.

Agentia pentru Educatie TimpurieAs an “Agency for Early Education”, OvidiuRo continues to advocate for quality early education for ALL. Utilizing private resources, OvidiuRo works closely with public sector officials and kindergarten teachers, providing teacher training and educational resources of the highest quality, and helping poor villages spawn additional kindergarten groups [or classes?] so no child is turned away from gradinita because of “lack of space” or educational resources.

For the 2017-2018 school year, we aim at training at least 1000 teachers and at supporting kindergartens in Romania’s poorest rural communities with minimal infrastructure for early literacy and quality education.

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