June 2017: School supplies for all poor children in Sibiu County

On Children’s Day, Sibiu County Council announces the distribution of another 1200 coupons for school supplies to kindergartens across the county, an action that was part of the broader “Rechizite pentru Fiecare Copil în Grădiniță” (School-supplies for Every Child in Preschool) Campaign. The school supplies are meant to support the quality early education of children from disadvantaged families, beneficiaries of The Preschool Law (or Law no. 248/2015). The coupons worth of over $13000 were covered by the KeepGiving Foundation and KeepCalling and were distributed by Sibiu County Council as a continuation of the campaign started at the beginning of 2016-2017 school-year.

Sibiu County Council is one of the few county authorities in Romania who – with the help of NGOs and the private sector – found and implemented a solution to support poor children’s access to early education by covering the costs of the school-supplies.

The need for school supplies and teaching materials is very frequently mentioned by parents and teachers who strive to offer poor children a chance to early education. It is very important to find solutions so that each child can start kindergarten with a basic school-supplies kit. The public-private partnership which seems to be fruitful in Sibiu can serve as a model for all counties who wish to complement the food coupons for kindergarten and relieve the pressure of the hidden costs of education” Maria Gheorghiu, cofondator OvidiuRo.

Asociația OvidiuRo is the initiator of the Fiecare Copil în Grădiniță Program, now a governmental program through Law no. 248/2015. Sibiu county registered an increase in the rate of inclusion of eligible children in the program (from 45% in September 2016 to 65% in March 2017)ranking above the national average (58%).

More about the Sibiu county public-private partnership for early education, by accessing OvidiuRo’s website (in Romanian) here.

Support us to find solutions for as many counties in need of complementary measures to the food coupons for gradinita. Find out how here.

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