KeepCalling's employees redirected 2% of their income tax to OvidiuRo

This year, KeepCalling team in Romania chose to transfer 2% of their income tax to several national wide NGOs. One of the top preferences employees decided to redirect their tax towards was OvidiuRo.

The initiative taken by KeepCalling employees is part of a complex program aiming to support NGOs that bring real value and generous benefits, regarding formal or informal education, environmental protection, health care or sports. The involvement of the company and its members in social and educational actions is closely bound to KeepCalling’s motto: “Give something back to the community.”

KeepCalling turned its attention towards OvidiuRo last year. In August 2012, the American company with headquarters in Sibiu, contributed to the program Fiecare Copil în Gradinița (Every child in preschool) by donating $3000.

By choosing to redirect 2% of their income tax to OvidiuRo, KeepCalling employees confirm the support the company constantly offers to their organization. One thing is sure. Both KeepCalling and OvidiuRo have one common target: boosting the early education of poor children in Romania, and thus integrating them in the  society.

Due to its business orientation towards ethnic groups worldwide, KeepCalling’s personality encourages the support of smaller communities through humanitarian actions. KeepCalling is an American telecommunications company operating globally since 2002. The company’s headquarters are located in Sibiu, Romania, while the two other offices are situated in Atlanta, Georgia and Cochabamba, Bolivia.

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